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deleted Evey scene / clue ? 
06:50pm 12/01/2007
Hello. I've been lurking on vendetta_fic for ...I dunno, a while now, and I just joined v_fandom. Love, love, LOVE VfV. Probably my absolute favorite movie of all time. I own the 2 disc special edition that came with the miniature Guy Fawkes mask (on display in my living room, geeky as that may be). But enough about that.

I was watching the VfV DVD again today and I noticed something very interesting. Read more...Collapse )
The scene occurs during Finch's voiceover about "everything that was going to happen." And all the other scenes it is montaged with are of events yet to occur at that point in the film. So I think it is safe to say this scene is set in the future.

At 142:03 on the DVD counter, Finch says he could see "everything that was going to happen."

At 142:07 on the counter, we see a woman with long hair in a living room, wearing a teal dress with a frilly collar. Using pause and step/slow, I discovered it is Evey. She steps away from a vase of Scarlet Carsons and crosses the room.

The really interesting part is that there is a mirror over the fireplace in the background, and you can see a man's face in it. But even using the Zoom button, I could not tell who the man was, because his face is too small and becomes too pixellated when I zoom on it. Read more...Collapse )
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Hi kids! 
10:09pm 21/12/2006
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Hi everyone

I just joined this live journal thing today, so I don't really know what is going on.

Anyway, I made this V for Vendetta montage thing a while back. It's the first thing I made like this so I just wanted to get some feedback on how I could improve it, ideas for new things, whatever.

So here it is, check it out if you get bored. If you are so inclined, give feedback, thanks!


Have a nice day!
A hello and a question 
04:58am 15/09/2006
mood: hyper
Hello everyone! Yes I'm one of the ones who migrated here from vendetta_fic. I'm still eagerly researching new things on this fandom.

As for the question...is there any reference, perhaps in the graphic novel (which i have not read yet) to what Evy's parents are called? I'm in the process of developing a fic that will include them and I would really prefer not to make up names - it seems somehow wrong.
Three [3] Inanities 
01:53pm 06/08/2006
  1. A question from the graphic novel: When V is talking to Madame Justice, he says how his father used to take him for walks by her when he was a little boy. However, V is supposed to be unable to remember anything before Larkhill. Was he recalling a random memory, lying about the memory, or is this a continuity error? This is bugging me way too much.

2. I am collecting all the books/art/music/movies discussed in 'V For Vendetta.' Yes, I am obsessive compulsive. I have not succeeded yet, although I'll probably post my progress in my own LJ, disgusting those innocent readers who hoped for any sort of intellectual stimuli.

3. I have a very-nearly complete 'V For Vendetta' soundtrack, containing every song used in the movie, the soundtrack, the work of David J, and every song mentioned in the graphic novel. If anyone wants the setlist, let me know. It's 30 tracks long, and I'm just missing ONE!!! DAMMIT!

OK, enough rambling.

England Prevails.
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03:49pm 29/06/2006
mood: artistic
i have been going mad with that doll maker thing.

because i couldnt help myselfCollapse )
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Something amusing 
04:31pm 17/06/2006
  Greetings everyone. Thought I'd post this little bit of idiotic fun for you.. What a silly thing!

Ten Top Trivia Tips about V!

  1. V was invented in China in the eleventh century, but was only used for fireworks, never for weapons.
  2. More people are killed by V each year than die in aeroplane accidents.
  3. A female ferret will die if it goes into heat and cannot find V.
  4. V never said 'Play it again, Sam'.
  5. The military salute is a motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armour raised their visors to reveal V.
  6. The eye of an ostrich is bigger than V.
  7. Pound for pound, hamburgers cost more than V!
  8. A thimbleful of V would weigh over 100 million tons.
  9. The pupil of an octopus's eye is shaped like V.
  10. V once came third in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest!
I am interested in - do tell me about
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04:47am 02/06/2006
  Due to a very involved commision I have been rather busy, but I wanted to practice lighting, and do my own version of Action!V.


Title: Poetry in Motion
Rating: PG
Summary: If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?
Community Pimp 
04:40am 27/05/2006
What is this community for? As the title says, "Non-Con is fun!" This is for any fan fic, original fiction, or art that deals with areas of "questionable consent" - be it rape, bondage, or torture.
09:52pm 17/05/2006
mood: creative
Hi all,

Welcome to v_fandom your off-topic one-stop! I hope to see a lot of familiar faces from vendetta_fic and I hope we can all get to know each other better! There is no moderation at all here except for blatant spamming and beligerent flaming. Be civil and enjoy!

-The Mod
02:42am 18/05/2006
  Beth Kinderman / gamerchick, and include a link to my website


i wonderful origonal song about V and Evey